Friday, July 20, 2012

iPADTutorial for You

Do You really care about iPad Tutorial?

Do I need any IPAD tutorial?Or, where do I find iPad instructions ? Where is iPad user guide? These are the typical questions resonating internally in the mind of every new IPAD owner. Apple IPAD is one of the most outstanding technical innovations of this century. It is a sophisticated device empowered with stunning display capabilities with vibrant color.You may recall Apple launched the first iPad in April 2010, selling 300,000 units on the first day and within 80 days it reached 3 million. The total sales rose to 67 million units in April 2012. Apple has packed in gazillion features into that 9.7 inches device.Holding an iPad in your hands you would admit it is a manifestaion of technological advance at its best, as this magical pane of glass enables entense personal experience with technology. but, do we all know how to use them?

Learning iPad is Really Easy - Wrong Perception

There is a common perception, which is dangerous and flawed with over-simplification, that learning IPAD usage is a cake-walk, or it is very intuitive. People who nourish such ideas try to draw a parallel to computing devices like desktop or laptop notebook. But, you will realize how dissimilar is IPAD - in terms of its hardware configuration and end-user experiences –from its older counterparts like desktop computers and notebook. One of our very senior executives, having dabbled with information technology for at least two decades, was visibly at a loss when he first received a laptop for the first time. His past intimacy with laptop and desktop computers did not add any level of comfort. Downloading 150 odd pages of user manual from internet did not help him. He was desparately looking for some step-by-step iPad tutorial or some user-friendly iPad user guide, or some workable and effective ipad instructions to start.

The 3rd-generation iPad known as iPad 3 , the latest one at the time of writing the post, is equipped with a Retina display, a 5 megapixel camera, featuring the latest Apple A5X chip driven by a quad-core graphics processor . The other features include HD 1080p video recorder ,voice dictation, 4G (LTE). The tiny marvel operating system is iOS 5.1, which serves primarily as a platform for audio-visual media, including e-books, films/movies, music, games, periodicals, presentation materials, and web content. To have a better idea of the features, you may check the Wikipedia on iPad. Also Apple is gearing itself for the launch of new version of iPad within coming few months. Compared with the explosive track of technical innovation where new releases of the tablet are churned out to the customers at this lightning speed, the resources available for user education and usability guidance are inadequate.

The fact is that unless you want yourself to be left behind in the iPad revolution, you need some good training and professional education to use the device to your best benefit. If anyone tells you that using iPad is no different from a laptop it is flat out lie. You need to understand that iPad is completely a different device, both from technology and usability view points , and the there is a paramount need for some effective training. Those who assume that iPad is meant for casual usage, primarily for fun and entertainment, are wrong. Millions of educators, teachers and writers have started using the device. Going forward this device will be, at an increasing pace, put to serious productive and professional usage; and for that purpose, the need for professional training needs no emphasis. Here is a curated excerpt from ‘the Journal’ article by Bridget McCrea. This is about a private school in Michigan is putting an emphasis on professional development to support its new iPad rollout.

"Throwing new technology equipment at teachers and hoping that it sticks is an ineffective approach to integrating IT into the classroom. That's why Southfield Christian School in Southfield, MI, is putting professional development first on its to-do list for a fall 2011 iPad rollout."

"We want to make sure our staff members not only have the IT tools that they need," said Peter Webber, director of IT for the school, which serves 600 students in grades PreK through 12, "but that they also have the support necessary to use the equipment in the classroom."

"To make sure teachers are ready for the fall, Webber and his team kicked off their iPad instruction with three days of "pretty intensive training" combined with a basic overview and hands-on usage with the more than 120 applications that were pre-loaded onto the tablets."

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